I guess I’m doing a blood study at this point…

finished that. va va voom

been ages…

I got a thing about drawing thin characters dont ask me why

  · Commission Info

Requests are always open but that’ll ONLY get you a sketch! If you want something more then go ahead and commission me! c:

Lineart - $10 [ x | x | x | x ]

(May not necessarily come colored)

CG - $30 [ x | x | x

(You must specify which design you would like)

Group / Couples: [ x

Lineart: $5 per additional char.

CG: $15 per additional char.

Background Addons - $15 [ x ] (Otherwise all images will come with a black or white background. The price also increases depending on the complexity of the background)

Payment will only be accepted through PayPal. I require half (or a quarter) of the payment upfront (which is non-refundable UNLESS I am unable to complete your request. This is to protect me in case you decide to not contact me anymore).

In order to get the full version of your commission, you will be required to send the second half to the payment otherwise you will only receive a small, watermarked version. I am also allowed to use art I create for you for self promotion. 

In return, I will keep in contact with you on the status of your commission and show you progression pieces if it is a large piece. Otherwise you will gain updates on each stage (sketch, line art, digital coloring) so that you can change or approve of anything done. I like to frequently communicate to my commissioners because I want them to get their monies worth.

A finished piece can typically take one to three days depending on my work load.

You can send me an ask on Tumblr or contact me through deviantart (Tumblrs quicker though).

A large commission that took me over a year to complete simply because I had to design each character, and basically build from the ground up. The commissioner was wonderful to me and I kept in communication as much as I could. He stuck with me ‘tll the end even though I had a bunch of ups and downs (computer failure, re-doing major mistakes I made such as scrapping the background twice after completing it (none of which I charged since it was my fault). It was an utter joy to have him as a commissioner and I wish many others were like him.

"When I saw the preview of the final image, I started to cry. The final art was more than I had even hoped for, and my heart was thrilled to see a dream come true, thanks to Alex.” - Allen

Throughout this commission I found Alex to be intelligent, creative, insightful, respectful, professional and polite. Her skills are impeccable, her talent is immense, and her demeanor is one that would be any manager’s dream. In my 20 year IT career (of all levels) I have worked for many personalities and managed many personalities in my subordinates, and I can honestly say that Alex [x] was a pleasure to work with. ” - Part of Allens recommendation letter

older character I did for a project in college

named him louie after Louis from Interview w a vampire